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Communications and IT are rapidly integrating into one inseparable field that’s essential to running a business, and CCT can help navigate this complex telecommunications landscape.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Many organizations operate in multiple locations, requiring their team to collaborate and function in one reliable network. WANs allow for communication between remote employees, clients and vendors as if all located under the same roof. WAN options include MPLS, SD-WAN, Broadband, FTTC, xDSL, fiber, 3G, 4G and more.

Broadband and Ethernet

High speed internet and network connections are no longer a luxury for businesses, they’re a necessity. To ensure your employees have the best access and highest level of communication, a secure and reliable Broadband or Ethernet connection is vital. We’ll help determine the right solution and best carrier for your business with one of our vetted partners.

SIP Trunking

Even with a legacy system, businesses are able to enjoy VoIP-like benefits without having to purchase new infrastructure by using SIP Trunking. With SIP, you can consolidate all your communications, such as data and voice, into one system, one bill, and one single point of contact. This can lead to a substantial savings to your bottom line.

TDM Long Distance

We understand that some industries, such as the monitoring business, require T1’s and DS3’s. Although SIP brings many diversity and economic advantages, some businesses will need TDM. CCT works with all the major carriers to ensure our clients can still have the best-in-class services for all their analog needs.

Benefits of CCT Telecommunications Services

Connectivity, compliance, security, uptimes and service levels are just a few of the telecommunications variables that need to be managed by every organization. Although each carrier will vary slightly from company to company, CCT will work directly with you and your carriers as a neutral and highly invested partner to streamline the process.

We Work with You and Your Carriers as a Neutral Partner to Streamline the Process

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